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The #ActuallyAutistic Culture and Identity Project S24

Name: Lucie Corton.

Pronouns: Mrs/She/Her.


Age I was diagnosed autistic: 30 years old.

1. Yes, I felt I was different from the large popular group of girls at school as a child. However, I had some friends who were in smaller circles of friends.

2. Yes, my parents are supportive of me as an autistic individual.

3. I determine my ethical system by what is kind and fair.

4. I try to mask my tiredness, anxiety & sadness sometimes.

5. I've never looked for mistakes/errors in the production of films and television.

6. The top 3 traits I look for in a friend are: acceptance, respect, and shared interests.

7. The top 3 traits I perceive as negative but I am willing to overlook in a friend are: 1) saying something that may be offensive to some but the friend didn't mean to be offensive, 2) occasionally not inviting me to events with them & their other friend(s), 3) being naive but meaning well.

However if something was or could be construed as offensive to some I would tell my friend so. If my friend always left me out & didn't invite me with them and their other friend(s) I would begin to wonder if I was being left out deliberately. And if a friend was naive about something that I knew about I would tell that friend what I know to help the friend out.

8. The top traits that my partner possesses are: having Asperger's/autism like me, kindness, safeness, and loyalty.

9. If I had unlimited funds I would give money to charities for the global environment particularly in the third world; & for people to have good medical care, education, clean safe water & food in the third world. I would also give money to charities to shelter & feed homeless people & refugees.

10. To me freedom means the ability to be autonomous without being tied down or confined somewhere against our wills, and the ability to live as we choose.

11. To me success means creating/accomplishing something/things that improve/enrich the world.

12. I'm more happy when with my husband James. However, I'm less productive since living with my husband as I no longer work in London as a make-up artist, as we live in Lowestoft.

13. I don't find it at all stressful being around other parents at school functions.

14. I hardly ever pretend to not see people I know, apart from when I'm in a hurry to get somewhere.

15. I identify the most with other autistic people in the areas of: not getting paid adequately or at all for our work, finding it hard to be socially accepted by some large groups of neurotypical people, and having histories of being bullied and abused by neurotypical people.

16. I find that my husband who also has Asperger's/autism is very sensitive to sounds & doesn't like me playing music or videos loud enough for me to hear them well, so I sometimes have to wear headphones. My husband is very particular about bedtimes too.

17. If I have a child or children, the top 5 things I would want them to know are: 1) How to eat & drink healthily. 2) Not to trust men they don't know, and never to go off with a man they don't know & never to get in a vehicle with a man they don't know. 3) How to take any medicines they need for any health conditions they have. 4) The importance of being literate and reading well to learn a lot. 5) The importance of charities.

18. Living off the grid does not appeal to me at all. I like to have all the amenities that we depend on nearby.

19. My favourite types of architecture are some of the buildings in Esfahan, in Iran; some of the buildings in Barcelona, in Spain; and some of the buildings in Prague, in the Czech Republic (particularly the Astronomical Clock, in Prague). The reason I like those types of architecture is because the fine details make the architecture very beautiful.

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